We require an in-home meeting with owner and pet prior to first service. This visit is free of charge.Animal House Pet Pros has been lovingly serving Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, Torrance, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Playa del Rey, El Segundo and surrounding areas for more than 12 years.

Our team of caregivers provides an array of premium dog walking and pet sitting services to our valued South Bay clients.

If your pet has special needs, please give us a call. We develop a detailed, customized profile and plan for each of your pets, ensuring the highest level of attention and loving care.

We look forward to surpassing your (and your pet’s) expectations!

Solo Walks

Walks during your work day or when you’re traveling…

We have a saying: “A tired dog equals a happy owner.” Your dog will be happier and healthier, physically and mentally, when given social interaction and plenty of exercise.

When you travel, we’ll be happy to provide multiple visits per day to get your dog the necessary attention, exercise, feeding, and bathroom breaks.

Solo Walk Rates

Drop In 3x week 5x week
30 min $30 $25 $20
45 min $40 $30 $25
60 min $45 $35 $30
90 min $60 $45 $40

Home Visits

We’ve been making in-home visits since 2002

Life is hectic, but you don’t have to worry about your pets. When you’re busy at work or traveling, we’re here to provide peace of mind. We’re like a reliable family member — always there when you need us.

So, when you need in-home care for your dog, cat, fish, bird or reptile we’ll be there for you and you pet! We’ll give them the time and attention they need while you are gone.

Home Visit Rates

Drop In 3x week 5x week
30 min $30 $25 $20
45 min $40 $30 $25
60 min $45 $35 $30
90 min $60 $45 $40


Would you like your pet to have overnight companionship?

For overnight pet sitting, we generally stay at your home, but we can take your pet into one of our homes, if desired.

If we’re coming to your home, we guarantee at least a 12 hour stay. Typically, that means 7:00pm – 7:00am or 8:00pm – 8:00am.

If your pet is staying in one of our homes, then he or she will be with us round the clock.

This service is dependent on availability, so check with us early to get your spot.

Overnight Pet Sitting Rates

In Home: $75 / night (12 hour period)


We also offer other pet services

Kitty Visit Rates

  • 15-30 mins: $20
  • 45 mins: $25
  • 60 mins: $30

Pet Taxi Rates

  • Vet visit: $50.00
  • Doggie Day Care / Groomer visit: $30 Round trip

Which Visit or Walk Service is right for my pet?

  • 30 minute visits/walks – Our most popular dog walk or in home visit. Whether you’re traveling and need us to come multiple times throughout the day, or just need us to break the day up for your pet while you’re away at work or play.
  • 45 minute visit/walk – Our clients with higher energy dogs, or separation issues will choose the 45 minute or the 60 minute option.
  • 60 minute visit/walk – Time for a good, long stroll or an in-home visit.
  • 90 minute visit/walk – Great for high energy dogs and dogs who love human companionship. It’s the perfect amount of time for a good long romp and/or an extended in home play and cuddle session.

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We serve

Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, Torrance, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Playa del Rey, El Segundo and surrounding areas.

About Us

Our History

Animal House Pet Pros was founded in 2002 in an effort to turn our passion, respect and love of animals into a service for our local South Bay community.

Animal House Pet Pros has been serving Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Playa del Rey and El Segundo for more than 12 years and has been awarded Daily Breeze’s coveted South Bay’s Best award for three consecutive years.

Our Team

Each member of our Animal House Pet Pros family has deep roots in the South Bay. Our entire team loves living, working and playing in our South Bay..and, of course, we all have furry family members!

Animal House Pet Pros are always insured and bonded.

Our Service

At Animal House Pet Pros, we treat each dog walk and pet sit with the highest level of professionalism.

As pet owners, you expect nothing less than the very best when it comes to the care of your beloved animals.

We know that your pets are part of your family and, as such, are treated with the highest level of care and compassion by our Animal House Pet Pros team.

While your pets (furry family members) are under our care, you can rest assured that they are receiving the same individualized tender loving attention, to their every need, that you would provide yourself.


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for happy doggies!

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