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Welcome to Our New Website!

For years, you’ve known us as “Animal House Professional Petsitting”. You know, the team that takes gold star care of your family pets each day on walks, in-home visits and while you are traveling.

Thanks to all of you, our pet care business has grown and evolved tremendously over the past twelve years. It became apparent that it was time to update our brand to match our business. We’ve just refreshed our brand name, website and social media presence to reflect the services and benefits we now offer–to both our loyal clients and our new friends.

Welcome to the new Animal House Pet Pros website and brand!

Howdy! I'm Cali.Our new official brand ambassador, Cali, is the star of Animal House Pet Pros new logo, website and social media. She would like to say “RUFF!” (that’s “Howdy!” in puppy speak) to all of her new friends. Cali is already a bit of a celebrity around the Animal House Pet Pros offices, and we hope you love her too.

Cali has planned many special, fun things for all of you — our devoted clients and friends:

  • Monthly surprise gifts:   Cali will be giving away special Animal House “thank you” surprises each month via our Facebook page. We know that hardworking moms and dads need treats too.
  • Referral rewards:   Cali will also be rewarding our friends who send us new client referrals with very special, luxurious goodies from local South Bay businesses.

Animal House Pet Pros is all about YOU and your beloved furry family members. Everything we do is about taking the very best care of your pets. We value your feedback on ways to make your pet care experience fun and hassle free–and exactly to your specifications. Your input will help us continually improve our services. We would love to hear from you! Please follow us on Facebook or comment right here on our new site.

Our mission is to deliver peace of mind for our pet parents.

Thanks so much to everyone for your support over the past 12 years. We are eagerly looking forward to more good times with you and your pets. As Cali says, “Life is better with a full tummy, a good long walk and lots of belly rubs.”

…Words to live by!


Your Animal House Pet Pros Team

Posted on April 18, 2014 in General

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