About us

Who We Are

Animal house is a pet care service company which has been in the pet care Business since 2000.

We have been Voted Daily Breeze’s South Bay’s Best Pet Sitter (by our customers) five times! We offer the best pet care services.

Your pets have a fun filed future with us because Over the years we have enhanced our skills and we are the best you can find, amongst out team we have professional and certified veterinary who can better handle your pets

Animal house also have very friendly sitters and your furry ones will always enjoy the time spent with them, we make sure to treat them specially and give the care and attention they desire. In fact, our love for what we do even makes our job more fruitful.


We’re very proud to be and we will always put our pets before profit.

Our Impact

Our impact has gone beyond mere recognition as manny who have used our services testify that their lovely pets have the most Amazing  experience and moments with our pet care providers 

This is evident as we have been voted 5times best pet sitter in the South-bay 

Mission & Promise

We have as mission to meet all the needs of your furry ones. We promise to make them comfortable, keep them safe and give them the love and attention they deserve. Animal house pet pros at your service